Digital convergence is the combining of old technology with new 21st century technology. Through this process technology can become more advanced and accessible. It can be achieved by archivists, librarians, scholars, scientists and historians (Wikipedia,2016). Digital Convergence refers to the ways that various analogue media can be translated into digital bytes and then manipulated by a computer (Media Studies, 2016). Digital bytes are electronic packets of 1’s and 0’s to represent objects, policies and data. Digital Convergence unifies multiple industries: Information Technologies, Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Entertainment and Mass Media (Digital Resources,2007). Digital Convergence allows people to interact, play, communicate, collaborate and share information in many new and exciting ways (Ifeanyi O. Asoye, 2003 p. 1).


Ashleigh Thirlwell. (2016). Digital Convergence [image created via wordcloud]

By reading  the additional and researching other resources, I have learned the importance of Digital Convergence and what it means in the 21st century. As we live in a Digital World which is constantly evolving and expanding, it is so important to keep updating our knowledge and skills based on the world around us. We need to understand the technology within our society and apply it to our everyday lives. We now live smarter, not harder as some would say. Gone are the days where schooling consisted of a black board and text book with paper exams. Today’s generation has been brought up in a Digital World where technology is a part of every aspect of their lives. Education has evolved from a traditional classroom setting, and incorporated technology into learning to better educate students, offering more resources at any given time, of any resource. Also, through digitalized education, we are also teaching our students essential life skills which are demanded from today’s workforce. All of this has only been possible through digital convergence. The sky is really the limit now, and anything is achievable.

Leadership bringing positive impact to the digital convergence program at MDCPS

Published on Sep 2, 2015

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